REGINA LIAN is the founder of CANTATA KAHVE and REGINALIAN. Since 2008 she has been practicing coffee. At the beginning of her story, she was the president of students’ social club, and had a part time job at a coffee shop to learn coffee skills and knowledge. After many years of training, she won the Siphon Coffee Champion in 2010, and Asia Syphon Brewer Cup as the third place in 2012.

Opening a specialty coffee shop became one of her dreams. However, only having coffee knowledge is not enough to operate a coffee shop. Thus, Regina started to work in restaurants to learn customer services and management. Later she moved into luxury industry to learn selling skills and sales process. All these experiences became the foundation of her own coffee brand.

In 2014, she established her first coffee shop in Taiwan, then in 2018 she expanded business to China market, running a specialty coffee brand named by her name- REGINALIAN.

In 2019, She started a marketing agency Laterlier 1902, and a coffee meet up group named Let’s Otter. Laterlier 1902 is focus on digital marketing, content creating, and SEO services. Let’s Otter is a group to hold coffee meet up every Saturday morning, like a coffee tour, they visit coffee shops around Shanghai. fresh coffee, stories from coffee shops and to meet new coffee friends.

In the future, Regina will still dedicate on coffee and coffee culture. To explore more coffee, coffee stories and people.

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