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Have you ever think about one day you sit in front of computer and writing some articles, One day these articles will become your ticker and have a stage in the future? They contact you, invite you go abroad make a speech, even prepare your own poster?

This miracle just happen to me.

In the past i wrote some coffee articles, not for the promotion. I did this because I want to document my life. In a long period, I was quite shy to write articles in English. Because I was worried about my English ability was not enough to express my ideas. Later, I found out only write in English, that is the main door for me to communicate with baristas from different places.

Then I started to write some experiences in Shanghai in Linkedln. One of my friend saw these articles, and messaged me that he would like to invite me to go on a speech in Vietnam. I still remember the day, it was around 10:00, and my hands are shaking.

My speech is about how foreign coffee brands go to China market. Honestly, It was a big framework to discuss. And I have to finish it in 25 minutes.

In this speech, I talked many social media channels for China market. But it was quite new area for the audiences, so in the Q&A part I made more
explanation for this part.

Through this lecture, I meet many new friends and more understanding the information about food. The most important part is I completed the self-challenge. I never thought that I had the opportunity to do a speech in Vietnam. Sometimes life is full of surprises, and we keep working hard. One day you will receive surprises from the universe for you.

Finally, I prepared a rainbow pic for you that I saw in Vietnam. I wish one day your dream will come true, too.