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We have prepared three books for your long Chinese spring break! Are you ready for it?


I’m sometimes worried that women’s biographies like this will become the complete works of mumbler. But this book organizes Michelle Obana’s life in different three parts in a very fluently way. All three parts have different life stories. In this book you can also see many different cultural backgrounds. As a black woman, as a mother, and as the first lady of the White House, how she balances her life and work. Of course there is also a mention of how she met with Obama.

2. Things Are what You Make Of Them- Adam J KURTZ

Looking for an English book that is easy to read and full of colorful painting? Then you will definitely like this one. After reading it, I regretted reading with KINDLE. There are many illustrations in the book. The reading effect of Kindle may not be as expected. Recommended reason: Easily read and share the experience of many freelancers (quotations). Very suitable as a gift book for friends.

3. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A FxCK

Worry about how other students think of you in class, and how other colleagues think of you at work. Do you sometimes feel that your life is under the microscope? How to get rid of such pressure? Want to start a new life? Then you must read this book! Although this book may not be as wonderful as other life enlightenment books, it can definitely change some perspectives.

These are the three foreign books I recommend for this Spring Festival. These books can be found in the Amazon store or by searching from the Kindle. I wish you all a peaceful holiday and read a lot, knowledge is power.