Thinking about to set up a WeChat mini program as a channel for your brand or new products? In China, the most popular application is WeChat. This is the main communication tool and to catch the fastest news from the WeChat moment.

I saw many of my friends when they arrived here, they didn’t install WeChat, and still using Whats up or line (or some other communication application). Then you might miss the chances to communicate with Chinese friends (or customers). WeChat is more like a tool with the communication function similar like whatsup, and WeChat moment is more like Instagram that you can share your opinion or life in there. (of course, the styles are very different from Instagram).

However, WeChat is a close system. You can only see you and your friend’s common friends if they give likes or comments below the WeChat moment. Its not like some social medias that you can see who gives who a like publicly.

Since WeChat is the most popular application in China. The WeChat team started their own system to gain more using flow. They have established the WeChat mini program. What is WeChat mini program? This is not an application that you have to download from the application store. The appearances and functions are very similar like application. But you can directly open it from WeChat program. and its very easy to speared your brand or products news.

The key point is if you have registered your own WeChat mini program. It helps your SEO results a lot from WeChat. Customers are more easy to find you. and they can directly share to their friend or post your news (article) on their WeChat moment.

What are the differences between WeChat mini program and application? I will continue to next article. If you like this article, don’t forget to give a like!